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At G.Proulx Building Products, we’re here to partner in the success of your project.  We start with a detailed estimation based on structural drawings.  We then seamlessly transition to a complete service of rebar shop drawings for review & approval, cutting & bending, bundling, and ultimately tagging and delivery to the



We are leaders in logistics.  Our team’s extensive knowledge of the industry complements our forward-thinking attitude.  Strong numerical and analytical skills make us your best partner.  We are accustomed to

working on diverse ranges of projects, from the small residential jobs to the largest commercial undertakings and governmental projects. 


We accommodate any type of delivery with our fleet trucks.  Flatbed trailers can be scheduled to remain on the jobsite or delivery via dropping or dumping the steel is likewise easily arranged.  The latter option is ideal for customers in need of unloading equipment.  We adapt to every construction site to provide appropriate equipment delivery, either via steel trucks or the new dump trailer system.  Our team of experts is in constant communication to meet our customers’ specific requirements. No matter the situation, we are always up to the challenge.

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